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Gadgets are cool! Gadgets are useless! Gadgets make life more fun! Yes, we all want gadgets, even if it’s just to play with it once and then throw it away. They are fun to have and fun to give away. Some of them are expensive, some are really cheap. Some make your life easier, some just clog up the room or look pretty.

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There are many gadgets out there, in many categories. You can find four categories below of which we found a great deal of cool gadget videos:

  • Hobbies and sports
  • Audio, visual and entertainment
  • Wireless, connect and print
  • Education

Hobbies and sports

Whether you like indoor or outdoor activities, both of them can become more fun with these little gadgets. Never get lost on your bike ride with the Shima AR glasses or the Beeline digital compass. Still on your bike at night times? Turn on the rechargeable MonkeyLights and make your visible for other road users. Going on the water? Try the PowerRay drone that will help you see, feed and catch the fish!

Make your own music with the Tuna Knobs that can be added to any touchscreen devices to give you that old-school DJ feeling or the Freedrum virtual drumkit that you can take anywhere you go. Creatives, pay attention! Try out the MakeyMakey kit that can make any object into a touchpad or use Scribble, a smart pen that lets you write or draw in any color simply by scanning the objects around you for the color you want.

Audio, visual and entertainment

When you’re on the road, tune in to the latest Spotify lists with the Zungle Panther glasses that use bone conduction to spread audio waves and the Basslet, world’s first wearable subwoofer. When you’re in a home setting, you might prefer the beautiful and floating Cloud speaker for the best audio.

Like tinkering with Photoshop and video editing programs? Have you also tried Adobe’s newest voice-adjusting software: Voco? And check out this interchangeable Sensel Morph touchpad which can transform from a regular keyboard to piano keys or a DJ set.

For everybody who’s more into visuals and screens, look into this 24 inch pop-up SPUD display that you can take anywhere. A more immersive experience can be arranged with Razer’s Ariana, an amazing beamer perfect for gaming.

And everybody who cannot get enough of sharing their daily lifes with their friends, you can choose from two sunglasses that incorporate cameras: Snap Incl.’s Spectacles which uploads 10-second videos to Snapchat or the Blincam which takes pictures when you blink.

Wireless, connect and print

When you’re looking for products that make your life easier, you’ve come to the right place. This beautifully designed OvRcharge by AR Designs charges your phone wireless and makes your devices float! If you want a longer range, you might be interested in the Cota by Ossia, a wireless power hub that charges all your devices within 9 meters. A third notable charger, mainly because is fun, is the self-powered Moxi stroller battery which can charge your phone and track your walk. But a full battery isn’t the only hurdle in this fast-paced world; we also need a decent internet connection. In come the small Plume pods that you install in every room and optimize your WiFi.

Way further down on the needs-list are printers. However, sometimes you just need to print travel documents, concert tickets or papers. How cool is it, that you can now use this Zuta printer that fits into your pocket? Or print your own creations via the OLO Smartphone 3D-printer?


In this last gadget category we find a lot of toys that are aimed at educating your children. How about the Fisher-Price Smart Cycle that combines learning with exercise? Or the handcrafted wooden AVAKAI doll which learns kids how to socialize?

We also find a lot of toys that focus on teaching kids how to code: from the LEGO Boost robots and the interactive Cubetto robot, to the modular Airblock drone.

Silly gadgets

We’ve tried to keep all the silly and useless gadgets out of this overview. But somehow this video of Modobag keeps popping up. It’s the world’s first motorized luggage and probably the last. It looks silly. Oh, and this concept for a Netflix switch which supposedly dims the lights, orders food and starts your favorite series.

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