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Fashion’s reaching out and becoming less exclusive

Barely understanding the consequences of information technology, the fashion industry is now hit in full force by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is set to radically transform the industry itself through a fusion of new technologies that blur the lines between physical, digital and biological spheres. This technical revolution that resonates in several industries will fundamentally change the way we love, work and relate to one another. Both its scale and scope are unlike something human kind has encountered before.

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There’s a lot going on in the fashion industry right now. Apparel companies have come up with new materials, machinery and textiles to keep up with competitors, but feel a solid pressure from the consumer to produce sustainably and to incorporate the latest technologies in their products. All whilst making sure the end product stays aesthetically pleasing.

The future of fashion is in personalization

Personalization has been taken to a new level. Now you can not only switch between the colors of your shoes, but you can even scan your foot and send it to a company who will make it into a perfectly-fitting 3D-printed shoe. Even more impressive, you now have clothing that reveals your mental state or your very own augmented reality collection which adds a personal touch to the dress you’re wearing.

Co-creation in the fashion industry

Keeping up with the latest technologies is difficult for most of the fashion companies as there’s a huge gap in knowledge. As a result, you see more and more tech and fashion companies working together, sharing their knowledge. This type of co-creation is definitely paying off, as we have a growing number of amazing videos in which companies such as Intel and Microsoft are working together with fashion designers to create mind-blowing products. Also take a look at some designers that have started working with scientists, like Catalytic Clothing and Biologic.

Open source fashion

Another interesting field is the open source making of clothes, so people can find designs on the internet and make it themselves. This same idea applies to the 3D-printing of clothes, which makes it even easier to add the latest styles to your own collection.

Amazing new technologies used in clothes

Let’s finish with the impressive new qualities that are added to textiles, making them cut-resistant, water repellent or odor free. The functional abilities added to clothing, making them recharge your phone, controlling your body warmth and keeping you safe in the dark. And don’t forget the impressive ways clothes can now interact with their surroundings, by responding to sound, proximity of others and UV light.

And lastly, a special mention for the Sound Shirt which enables the hearing impaired to experience a classical concert through vibrations in the suit that they’re wearing.

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